ioTHOR Quick-Start Guide

ioTHOR helps you protect your temperature-sensitive inventory. ioTHOR measures the temperature of your fridges continuously, sends immediate notifications if needed, and protects your inventory.

With ioTHOR, you can:

  • Measure and track the temperature of your inventory
  • Set thresholds for low and high temperatures
  • Get text or email notifications
  • Works even there is a power loss
  • Works even there is a problem with the WiFi signal

and many more with its advanced features…

To begin using your ioTHOR device, follow the instructions below. It will only take a couple of minutes to setup and configure your device.

1. Visit and sign up for an account

You need an ioTHOR user account in order to use the device. To get a free ioTHOR account:

1. Visit and click the “Log In” menu item at the top right.

2. In the new page, click on “Sign up for a new account” button on the bottom right.

Register a new account

3. In the sign up screen, fill out all the required fields:

  • Login ID (you need this to access your account)
  • Password
  • Name & Last Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Mobile Number (for text notifications)

And then click the Sign Up button.

Fill out & Register

4. Now you have created an ioTHOR account. You are going to use your login ID and password while setting up your device.

ioTHOR Account Created

2. Power Up Your Device

In order to power up your device, you need to plug in some cables and then turn the device ON:

1. Plug the external sensor jack into the SENSOR plug on your device.

2. Plug the USB power adapter cable into the “USB 5V” plug on your device.

3. Plug the other end of the USB adapter to the provided power brick and plug it to a power outlet.

4. Turn your device ON, by moving the switch to left.

The lights on your device should start blinking, meaning the device is powered ON.

Tip: You can attach your ioTHOR device to your fridge, thanks to the small magnets under the device.

3. Install Your Device to The Fridge

1. Place your device outside of your refrigerator.

It is recommended that you attach it on the side of the door hinge

2. If you have a small bottle with liquid (glycol solution bottle) and the sensor inside of it, place the bottle halfway to the top and halfway to the back.

If you only have the sensor but not the glycol bottle, peel the paper on the back of the “sensor Holder” and stick it to the inside of the refrigerator. For best results, place it halfway to the top, towards the back.

Insert the metal end of the sensor cable through the “sensor holder” inside the fridge.  Do not forget to pass the cable through the space between the door and the body of the refrigerator.

4. Connect to Your Device & Configure It

1. Open WiFi settings on your device and connect to your device’s WiFi. Your device’s WiFi name should be “ioTHOR:new-device”

2. Once connected, wait for 15-20 seconds for a new screen to pop-up. In this screen, click on the “Configure” button at the top.

If a new screen does not pop-up, go to your browser and type into the URL box, and then you will see the same screen on your browser.

3. In this screen, do the following 3 steps:

  1. Select your WiFi network you want to connect your ioTHOR device, and enter your WiFi password.
  2. Enter your ioTHOR login ID and password.
  3. And finally, give a name to your device.

4. Now everything is set and your device will connect to your WiFi in a minute.

Your device will start blinking green 3 times consecutively, which means it is connected to your WiFi network and ioTHOR cloud.

Blinking green 3 times

Now, you should be able to login to ioTHOR website and see that your device has already started measuring the temperature.

You will see your first device in Dashboard

If you keep adding more devices to your account, you will see all of them in Dashboard as well.

5. Device Settings

Click on the settings icon of your device on the dashboard to edit your device settings.

In the device settings page, you can:

  • Change the name of the device
  • Change threshold settings, or you can easily select pre-defined threshold values as a quick-setting
  • Set notification rules
  • E-mail and phone number to receive notifications

6. Charts & Device Detail Screen

In order to view the chart of the temperature values and notifications, click on the “chart icon”.

In this page, you can see:

  • The chart of the temperature history — that can be viewed in different timeframes, such as: Last hour, last 3 hours, last 24 hours, last week etc.
  • Threshold levels on the chart
  • Past events and notifications


Firewall & Router Connection Issues

If there is a firewall in your network, it might cause connection problems with your ioTHOR device, when connecting to your router for internet access.

In that case, please ensure the following is done on your firewall & router settings:

  • Add the ioTHOR devices MAC addresses to “whitelist”
  • Add the endpoint URL to whitelist:
  • Add the port to whitelist: 443 (SSL)

Resetting Your Device

Resetting your device means simply turning it OFF and ON, without plugging out or using the physical on/off button on your device.

When to use?

You can reset your device when:

  • Something is wrong with the device, like there is no data on dashboard etc.
How to Reset?
  1. Push the Reset button (R) and release.
  2. Then the device resets itself. It might take up to 1 minute for the device to completely start working again.

Re-Configuring Your Device

Re-configuration means going back to the settings screen. Once re-configuration mode is triggered, you need to reconnect to the device via WiFi and complete the setup process.

When to use?

You can use re-configuration when you need to:

  • Move your device to another location with a different WiFi
  • Change ioTHOR login credentials
  • Change WiFi settings
How to Re-Configure?
  1. Push the Configure button (C) for 3 seconds and then release.
  2. Now you can begin the Wifi setup process from the beginning.

The device will still keep its name and the parameters you have changed, but you may change the WiFi connection settings or the ioTHOR credentials.

Restoring Your Device to Factory Settings

Restoring to factory settings clears all settings and parameters from the device. All the user data and settings get cleared and a configuration is needed afterwards.

When to use?

You can use restore to factory settings when you need to:

  • Clear everything on your device
  • Start from scratch
  • Setup your device for another purpose
How to Restore to Factory Settings?
  1. Push the Configure button (C) for 10 seconds until the red light starts to blink, and then release.
  2. Now you can begin the Wifi setup process from the beginning.